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Commercial Market


Elevate commercial projects with solutions that meet energy and building codes while promoting occupant comfort. Our contractor-focused products are simple to install, low maintenance and easy scale as building needs change.

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Residential Market


From the living room to the backyard, our residential solutions help homeowners promote energy efficiency and security while making everyday life more convenient. Perfect for new construction and retrofit projects alike, our wide range of timer controls, surge protective devices and more, add lasting value to homes - inside and out.

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Utility Market


Known for our industry-leading outdoor lighting controls, Intermatic utility, municipality and co-op solutions connect communities across the globe. A diverse suite of products, including electronic photocontrols, sensors and timer controls, support energy efficiency and time scheduling needs.

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Industrial Market


Specializing in industrial-grade surge protection, our rugged industrial solutions meet industry standards and application-specific requirements. Rugged solutions ranging from machinery and pump controls to Extra-Duty weatherproof covers help installers deliver when it matters most.

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