Time Switch Technology

Reliable, Easy-to-Install Time Switch Solutions

DIN Rail Timers

Enhance lighting and energy control schedules with our electromechanical DIN rail time switches. These easy-to-use controls allow for daily or weekly ON/OFF scheduling, making them an ideal fit for lighting and pump control applications.

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Universal Timers

Designed for indoor and outdoor use, our universal timers can be used with building systems, such as sprinkler systems, mechanical equipment, and lighting. They’re also a fit in niche applications, such as swimming pools and pump controls. Our digital universal time switches are available in 1-channel and 2-channel models and can be mounted via DIN rail.

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Time Switch Modules

Bring convenience and control to a wide range of applications with our analog and digital time switch modules. These versatile controls can be used to schedule ON/OFF switching tasks in a variety of applications, including ventilation systems, pump controls, lighting, outdoor water fountains and more.

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Plug-In Timers

Boost energy efficiency with our simple-to-install plug-in timers. These helpful solutions install in minutes and can be used to create 24-hour or 7-day ON/OFF schedules for a range of applications, including indoor lighting.

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