Reduce Costs with P40000 Load Centers in Pool-Only Applications
Reduce Costs with P40000 Load Centers in Pool-Only Applications

Installing a robust sub-panel at the center of your pool setup is a simple way to support pool equipment and accommodate low-voltage underwater lighting needs. But too often, installers end up assembling these panels with a la carte components or by modifying generic solutions.

Generic panels require electricians to use extra fittings and components for proper installation in pool and spa settings, which can increase costs. Once installed, these extra parts typically add more than $130 in total project costs.

Here’s how new P40000 Series Load Centers from Intermatic can help avoid these costs and be a convenient, cost-saving alternative for pool-only applications.

Integral Switching + Mounting Options

Built-in GFCI mounting options eliminate the need for external FS boxes and related fasteners, conduit and connections. This flexibility allows electricians to handle a variety of installation scenarios while saving time in the field.

Versatile Wiring

The versatile P40000 buss bar can be fed with #14- to #2-gauge copper wire, depending on the application. This lowers wire supply costs and accommodates a range of wiring needs. Installers can often use wiring that’s on hand rather than make an extra supply run just for the project.

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Quiet Safety Transformer

Select P40000 models include a built-in 100W or 300W transformer. This design provides quiet performance and removes the need for an externally mounted transformer (and associated installation costs). The added transformers offer a simple way to supper low-voltage underwater lights.

Together, these features add up to lower component costs, faster installation, and happy homeowners.

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