Prepare for the Colder Weather with Our End-of-Season Pool and Spa Checklist
Prepare for the Colder Weather with Our End-of-Season Pool and Spa Checklist

As temperatures dip across the country, pool and spa owners in many communities are beginning to shut down their backyard setup for the season. Whether you’re in a cold-weather climate in the Midwest or a more moderate locale with occasional frost days, it’s a great time to take stock of possible maintenance needs to ensure your pool and spa equipment is performing the best it can.


Work with a pool service professional to review this checklist as a way to identify any trouble spots or equipment that may be due for an upgrade.


Check Wiring and Equipment Health

A smart first step to any pool and spa review is to check the wiring and functionality of all connected equipment. Address any fraying or loose wires and look to replace receptacle covers that may have been damaged over time.


If you notice significant damage to electrical equipment, it may be the result of one or more power surge events. A simple, lasting fix to this is to install a reliable pool and spa surge protection device, such as the Intermatic PS3000, at the electrical panel. Even if there’s no damage present, it can be a great time to proactively install a high-quality, cost-effective SPD to avoid issues down the road. This is especially helpful if you’ve recently added nicheless lights or a variable speed pump.  


Look for Bugs in Relays

Shoo, fly, don’t bother me. Though electrical equipment may be in working order, it’s common for bugs and insects to crawl into relays and cause performance issues.


To fix this, power down connected equipment, then use a mild contact cleaner and nylon brush to clear away any pesky critters.


Set Freeze Protection

If you live in a climate with occasional frost days, be sure to install a freeze protection solution and set the appropriate temperature to avoid damage to plumbing and filtration equipment. Common in markets throughout the southwest (i.e., Texas), freeze protection gives homeowners the ability to maintain their pools year-round without having to worry.


Check Your “Dogs”

In addition to checking the health of individual pool components, the end of the season is a perfect time to review the schedule your pool equipment is on. This includes everything from pumps and filtration systems to nicheless in-water and landscape lights. 


Work with a pool service professional to adjust trippers (sometimes informally referred to as “dogs”) and ON/OFF schedules as needed to ensure peak performance.


Get Your Chemistry Right

Lastly, changing winter temps often means making minor adjustments to pool chemicals and water maintenance schedules. Check with your pool service team to be sure your pool or spa is getting the water treatment it needs as we head into the holidays.   


Need help choosing the right pool and solution for your year-end project? Contact your local Intermatic representative today or check out our complete line of pool and spa solutions to learn more.