What are the ASCEND Smart naming conventions for Amazon Alexa?

To get the most out ASCEND Smart's integration with Amazon Alexa, be sure to name your timer using common language that identifies the timer's location. Avoid using unnecessary numbers, abstract terms or jargon (e.g., 1F Home Timer). Instead, think about the everyday use of your timer and how you might refer to the space it's located to a friend or family member.

Good Examples:

  • Front Hall
  • Kitchen
  • Back Porch
  • Living Room
  • Den

Note: To use Alexa, your ASCEND Smart unit must be set up with remote control (cloud connected).

  1. Install and enable Intermatic "Home Skills" and "Custom Skills" in the Alexa app.
  2. Enter your Intermatic account information to link Alexa to your timer.
  3. Add devices within the Alexa app.
  4. The timer is ready for use with Alexa.
  5. Commands to be used with Alexa:
    • "Alexa, turn ON " instructs Alexa to turn your timer ON.
    • "Alexa, turn OFF " instructs Alexa to turn your timer OFF.
    • "Alexa, open Intermatic" instructs Alexa to walk through the commands you can

For a complete list of commands, reference Intermatic Alexa Skills page.