Weatherproof Covers

Low-Profile, Expanded Possibilities

A Sleek New Design Brings Dependable Outdoor Protection

Intermatic's slim, low-profile in-use covers provide a sleek, easy-to-use alternative to traditional outdoor weatherproof cover options.

Slim Design, Dependable Protection

Low-profile in-use covers are easy to install while delivering lasting, code-compliant protection.

Improved Aesthetics

Unlike traditional covers, Low-Profile In-Use Covers include an expandable front window that can be collapsed to save space when not in use.

Styled Décor

Multiple color options and a 100% paintable surface allows homeowners to match any décor.

Quick Installation

GFCI pre-set; keyhole slots help electrical contractors complete installation in minutes.

Simple, Secure Access

An innovative new design provides a no-hassle latch with lockable hasp that can be opened effortlessly with one hand.

Effortless Adjustment

User-friendly cover design effortlessly expands and flattens back down when not in use.

Code Compliant

WP7000 and WP7200 Series Low-Profile In-Use Covers comply with 2017 NEC Article 406.9 (B)(1) for wet locations and extra-duty applications; CEC 26-708 Compliant; RoHS Compliant.

Expanded Possibilities

From patios and backyard swimming pools to commercial facilities and sports fields, low-profile in-use covers provide dependable coverage and anytime access to outdoor power outlets.


  • Residential and Commercial
  • Pool and Spa
  • Agriculture
  • Athletic Fields
  • Outdoor Signage

Better Fit, Better Features

Helpful homeowner features built into a slim, easy-to-use solution.

Collapsible Design

A collapsible design allows users to expand the cover to accept a cord while "in use"; when not in use, individuals can simply collapse the cover to restore its flat profile.

Windowpane View

Get a clear view of connected inputs through the cover's built-in window panel.

Durable Construction

Ultra-rugged polycarbonate construction and a 100% paintable surface

Low-Profile In-Use Covers