Corporate Social Responsibility Policy

Intermatic is a privately held family company with a stellar 125 year track record of quality, service, value and excellence. The cornerstone of our success is in the way we treat our employees, our business partners, our community and the environment.

Intermatic expects and requires that our suppliers maintain the same high standard of ethics, fairness, and social responsibility which Intermatic has exhibited while becoming one of the most respected companies and brands in the industry. As such, Intermatic is committed to driving socially responsible business practices from our own production facilities, as well as from our suppliers in all geographies where we conduct business.

Intermatic is committed to making sure that our materials, components and products are sourced from suppliers that operate under quality focused, socially responsible conditions, processes and procedures and that our suppliers abide by the laws governing their respective areas of operations. More so, we demand that our suppliers always operate safe, healthy, clean and fair working environments which mirror those of our own production facilities.

Through Intermatic’s Code of Conduct and our Supplier Code of Conduct we seek to become the best corporate citizens possible by supporting:

  • Fair and unbiased labor practices
  • Community involvement and giving back to the communities where we do business
  • Environmental responsibility, transparency and sustainability
  • Fair trade commodities, components and materials
  • Safe and healthy working environments
  • Child labor and human trafficking avoidance

Intermatic takes the role of a good corporate citizen seriously and, through our efforts surrounding corporate social responsibility, we want to assure our customers and our end users that our products and components are manufactured under ethical and fair working conditions with our environment in mind.