California Transparency in Supply Chain Act

The California Transparency in Supply Chain Act of 2010 seeks the elimination of slavery and human trafficking from products and supply chains and requires many retailers and manufacturers that do business in California to publicly disclose their efforts to eradicate slavery and human trafficking from their supply chains.

Intermatic embraces this goal.  While there is no indication that slavery or human trafficking exists within our supply chain, we nonetheless have mechanisms in place to continuously assess and reduce any risk.

Intermatic is dedicated to conducting business in compliance with laws, regulations and widely accepted ethics of fairness and human decency, both nationally and internationally.  We seek to use suppliers who share our commitment, having no involvement with slavery or human trafficking.

Verification:  Intermatic’s new supplier audit process requires an assessment of the existence of slavery or human trafficking for each new or potential supplier under consideration as a business partner.  Any new or existing supplier which exhibits any risk for violations of human ethics, slavery or human trafficking will not be considered.

Audits:  Intermatic performs on site visits of most key suppliers regularly.  As part of these visits Intermatic will assess the risk of slavery and human trafficking.  Any supplier who is not in compliance risks immediate termination.

Certification:  Existing Intermatic suppliers will be required to certify, in writing, that they are not involved in the practices of slavery or human trafficking.  Furthermore, Intermatic is revising our terms and conditions of each purchase order to confirm that the use of slavery or human trafficking is prohibited.

Accountability:  Along with suppliers, Intermatic requires all employees to uphold the guidelines of widely accepted ethics of fairness and human decency.  Any employee found in violation of these principles could face disciplinary action up to and including termination.

Training:  Training in slavery and human trafficking risk avoidance has been provided to all applicable Supply Chain employees who are in positions which oversee the supplier base.