Electronic Photocontrols – Pro Series

A Closer Look at NIGHTFOX

The Sky Is the Limit
The Sky Is the Limit
Balancing efficiency, durability and innovation, the Intermatic NIGHTFOX Pro Series offers municipalities, utilities and co-ops a new level of customization with photocontrols.
Long Lasting Accuracy
Long Lasting Accuracy
Users can look forward to having the essential benefits of photocontrols, specifically long-lasting and accurate sensing of dusk and dawn, while keeping precise control of outdoor light fixtures.
What’s more, the Customizing Specifier (LED), Select (EK) and Standard (ELC) grade photocontrols within the NIGHTFOX Pro Series allow municipalities to meet a wide variety of application needs and budgets without sacrificing.

Built to Grow With Your Business

NIGHTFOX Pro Series Photocontrols are designed to withstand the test of time: 

  • ·Maintenance-free installations with a control solution tested and warrantied to match life expectancy of LED fixtures
  • ·Made for 10- to 20-year life with capabilities like conformal coated PCB assemblies and 2, 6, 8 A electronic ballast/LED driver ratings
  • ·Tested at full load to 5, 10, and 15 k ON/OFF cycles with NEMA 410 in-rush load abilities
  • ·Extended warranties that validate our testing by backing products with up to 12-year warranties

Achieve Heightened Performance

Using zero-cross switching technology, the NIGHTFOX Pro Series helps minimize the impact of high in-rush currents and reduce photocontrol costs.

Zero Crossing refers to the relay switching technology found in a variety of high-performance Intermatic controls. These models are designed to trigger load switching when AC voltage passes the zero mark rather than when operating current is near its peak. Without this built-in technology, lighting controls can face severe high inrush transients that are up to 100 times the recommended operating level. Over time, this can damage or even completely destroy controls.

Zero-crossing technology helps lighting controls match the long lifespan of new LED lighting systems. By taking a proactive approach and confirming lighting controls are compatible with LED bulbs, you can avoid maintenance issues and unexpected replacement costs down the road.

Balancing efficiency, durability and functionality, NIGHTFOX Pro Series provides municipalities, utilities and co-ops a new level of customization with photocontrols. Tested at full load to 5 k, 10 k, and 15 k ON/OFF cycles with NEMA 410 inrush load abilities, they help meet a wide variety of application needs and budgets without sacrificing quality. They’re a top-level photocontrol solution that’s tested and warrantied to match the life expectancy of LED fixtures.

Product Highlights

ELC - Standard
ELC - Standard Grade

6-year limited warranty, 10-year life expectancy, 2 A LED driver rating, 5,000 plus ON/OFF switching cycles
EK - Select
EK - Select Grade

10-year limited warranty, 15-year life expectancy, 6 A LED driver rating, zero-crossing technology, 10,000 plus ON/OFF switching cycles

LED - Specifier
LED - Specifier Grade

12-year limited warranty, 20-year life expectancy, 8 A LED driver rating, zero-crossing technology, 15,000 plus ON/OFF switching cycles

Meeting and Exceeding Industry Standards

NIGHTFOX Pro Series Photocontrols offer protection to typical, enhanced, or extreme electrical transients as laid out by ANSI C136.2 • ELC model safeguards applications against 6kV/3kA surge events or a typical level per ANSI C136.2 • EK and LED models provide protection for increased levels per ANSI C136.2 • Customers have the option of setting an extreme level of protection at 20kV/10kA transients per ANSI C136.2 – and they can request a larger 1020J MOV component Lab testing to ANSI C136.2 requirements confirms that, in addition to using the proper MOV component, other relevant electronic components and designs adequately meet typical, enhanced or extreme levels as labeled by ANSI C136.2.

Model Series

Choose the base model that best meets the application.


Select the enclosure type and sensor mount location.

Voltage Ratings

Two voltage ranges accommodate any supply power configuration.

Fail Mode

Select ON/OFF to ensure safety and security or avoid wasted burn time.

Load Ratings

Tested under tungsten, magnetic ballast, electronic ballast/LED driver loads.

Light Activation Levels

Adjust the activation level from 1.0 to 8.0 foot-candles with any ON/OFF ratios.

Surge Protection

510J MOV surge protection per ANSI136.2-2015 standards. For applications in need of a higher level of protection, we can incorporate 1020J MOV.

Cover Colors

NIGHTFOX Pro Series Photocontrols feature customizable colors to denote voltages per ANSI C136.10 standard guidelines or to meet other preferences.


Receive quantities you need according to your replacement schedule.

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